GK Training starts at Soccer Centers!

i will be offering gk training at soccer centers starting on saturday, 3/31/18) and monday starting on 4/2/18. please visit my calendar link on my home page to see information.

New Home GK Training Video Series!

home gk training videos available on line!

8 on-line video skills sessions created by paul blodgett. each 30 minute session includes video examples of each exercise.

work on your technical development at home and on your own.

for information and how to enroll, go to the home gk series link below.

Home GK Series

Master GK Paul Blodgett


Continuing the work to bring the position of goalkeeper to its rightful place - the forefront.

GK Summer Camps Posted!

Welcome to the PBGKTS

Gaolkeeper gloves blocking ball logo

"Paul is a master teacher, coach and mentor for goalkeepers of all ages who aspire to be the best they can be."

Bob Reasso, Former Head Coach, Rutgers University; Presently Athletic Director and Head Soccer Coach, Pfeiffer University

For over 20 years, Paul Blodgett was the Goalkeeper Coach at Rutgers University, which at the time was perennially one of the top Division I Collegiate soccer teams in the country. Paul has since created the Paul Blodgett Goalkeeper Training School, LLC, which offers the best quality training for goalkeepers in the State of New Jersey. Paul has risen to this level through years of dedication in learning the position and presenting it to goalkeepers in such a way that it commands results and helps the athlete to become the best that they can be no matter the level of the competition.

Paul Blodgett

In 2001, CollegeSoccerNews.com recognized Blodgett as one of the top assistant soccer coaches in the nation through his dedication at Rutgers University. He was the Director of Goalkeeper Training at the Bob Reasso Soccer School, Inc while at Rutgers. Coach Blodgett is presently an Assistant Coach with TCNJ's (The College of New Jersey) women's program, one of the top collegiate programs in Division III, as well as, the Director of Goalkeeping for girls for NJYS. His impressive list of high level goalkeepers now includes Karina LeBlanc, the Canadian Women's National Team Goalkeeper, Karen Bardsley, Goalkeeper for England's WNT and he has done work with Jillian Loyden of the USWNT! Paul has been a part of Championship teams at the professional level with WSL Champions, NJ Wildcats and Sky Blue FC during the inaugural season of the WPS. Paul has worked with many other professional keepers such as Billy Andracki (APSL/NPSL/A-League), Billy Gaudette (MLS/NASL), Ian Joyce (MLS/England), Neal Kitson (MLS/England/A-League) and Bryan Meredith (MLS/Sweden). Paul is the goalkeeper coach for several club organizations and high school teams throughout New Jersey. Throughout his career, he has trained literally thousands of goalkeepers at all levels - from youth right up through the professional ranks.

The Paul Blodgett Goalkeeper Training School

The PBGKTS goes well beyond training and drills, instead providing a full spectrum approach focused solely upon the goalkeeper position, providing a platform for the complete training for athletes playing the position. A solid leap beyond standard practices found elsewhere, the PBGKTS candidate is not only trained, but is taught and educated in every aspect of the goalkeeper position. With the power derived from the focus on a single position, coupled with techniques and innovations drawn from Paul’s indisputably impressive career, the PBGK candidate will be starting a journey that will lead well beyond “The Next Level”.

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